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Thanks for choosing Grenadamarket.com, home of authentic products of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. We also carry products from other Caribbean islands, especially music.

Our products are authentic Grenadian in origin and/or preparation and are chosen from selected suppliers, always considering quality, professionalism and in the case of food, safe and hygienic preparation and delivery. 

Some of our flagship suppliers like De La Grenade Industries and Noelville Ltd already boast international acclaim and enjoy FDA certification.


We take security seriously. Safe secure shopping, 


all major credit cards accepted. Checkout is handled at PayPal secure servers. Please review our Privacy Notice and Return Policy. Google Checkout is also available.


We believe in complete customer satisfaction and will work exceptionally hard to ensure a positive shopping experience. We are always interested in your comments and reviews, in order to improve this service. If you have questions/issues with this website email us at Spices@Grenadamarket.com, or call (718) 845-9768.

We know you have a choice of vendors and are flattered and thankful that you have chosen us; we will strive always to meet your expectations.


Grenada Market Team

1348 East 95th. Street, Brooklyn NY USA 11236 

spices@grenadamarket.com  (718) 845-9768